Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!!

At Express Waiter, we're in the mood for pizza, how about you? After choosing our favorite pizza from San Francisco Oven, we decided to do a little pizza exploration.

While exploring, we stumbled upon a pizza vending machine. You read that correctly, a pizza vending machine. If you want your pizza with as little human interaction as possible, you can get a pizza in three minutes from a Let's Pizza machine. These pizzeria/vending machines had their start in the Netherlands, and will be in the U.S. later this year.When they get here, you will be able to choose from over 200 different toppings, and your pizza will be made from scratch in about three minutes!

If you like pizza like we do, you will be happy to know that a scientist has created a pizza that is healthy enough to eat every day, three times a day. Now, I wouldn't suggest you actually attempt that, but if you really wanted to, I guess you can. You can easily get 30% of your daily calories, fat, protein and nutrients from a serving of this pizza. Professor Mike Lean, inventor of the "healthy pizza" said that you can eat this pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without any negative side effects. His team is in talks with supermarkets to have them in your local freezer later this year.

And if that pizza's not healhty enough for you, why don't you try the 'Satan (Seitan) Meets Jesus' pizza from Los Angeles pizzeria, Pizzanista. This pizza is a play off their original pizza, 'Meat Jesus' which is a sort of meat-lover's pizza. However, the 'Satan Meets Jesus' is a vegan option that has all vegan-approved ingredients. A slice will cost about $4, and a whole pizza is around $25.

But if your taste buds are tingling for something a little more extravagant, and a lot more expensive, you can buy the 'C6' pizza from Steveston Pizza Company in Canada. It will only cost you a measly $450, and consists of  lobster thermidor, Alaskan black cod and a side of Russian osetra caviar. This bank-breaking pie is so expensive, it holds the record in the Guiness Book of World Records. 

Source: Food Beast

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