Monday, July 23, 2012

Genius Ideas or... Maybe You Should Have Kept That One to Yourself

The food industry is flooded with "new and improved," or simply "new" inventions all the time. Some of them, you look at and say, "Why didn't I think of that?" And others, you think, "Why on earth would you invent something like that?"

Well, with the following inventions, you be the judge of how genius (or, absolutely ridiculous) they are.

It's a waffle cone! It's a taco! No, it's a Tacone!! This invention came about when Nick, a DudeFoods blogger, wanted a solution to the problem of his crispy taco shell crumbling apart at first bite. With a simple recipe, and the help of his handy-dandy waffle maker, he came up with the Tacone you see before you. He says that"not even a single piece of lettuce" fell out during the devouring process. Kudos to you, Nick! Kudos to you!

If you were ever in the pursuit of the perfect slice of butter for your toast, look no further. The RSA Butter Cutter is here for you! It stores a standard sized stick of butter, and with just one click, you can have the perfect slice of butter you were looking for!

Are you eating a slice of pizza on a circular plate? Do you feel like you have too much plate, and not enough pizza? Well, the Pizza Plate is your solution! This plate is the perfect size and proportion to hold your single slice of pizza, without the wasted space of a circular plate. If you want the luxury that the Pizza Plate offers, it will only cost $40 for a set of four.

 Sushi + Easy = Sushezi!!! If you have ever tried to make sushi on your own, you know the perils of making the perfect sushi roll. Its never how you see it in the restaurants, and it always ends up turning into more of a 'sushi casserole.' Now you can have the perfect sushi roll with Sushezi!! Thank you Japanese inventors for making our lives a little easier!

Do you know of any 'interesting' food inventions? Please share below in the comments!

Source: Food Beast

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