Monday, April 30, 2012

Food Art Spotlight: Artist Jason Mercier

Rosie O'Donnell made of various junk food by Jason Mecier

Jason Mercier is a very talented and versatile mosaic portrait artist. He makes portraits out of rice, beans, dried pasta, candy, pretzels, fruits, vegetables, meats, fast food, dog food, pills… and that’s just the edible portraits. He also makes mosaics out of other non-edible mediums, particularly celebrity junk, which he has also become famous for. It takes him at least 50 hours to complete these masterful pieces of art. (That's right 50 HOURS!) When asked how he determines what medium to use in making portraits, he says he goes with the name of the subject, i.e. Condoleeza Rice made of rice, Salt-N-Peppa made of salt and pepper, and Dog: The Bounty Hunter made of dog food. Mecier’s art is shown in an array of venues to include cafes, hair salons, art galleries, major museums, celebrity homes, international magazines, and on various network television programs. If you would like to own one of Jason Mecier’s famous works of art, the prices start at $1,500 per piece. That’s a little steep for our pockets, but it is very much worth the price!

Now, enough talk, it's time to enjoy Jason Mecier's creative works of art. Bon Apetit!

The Red Vines Collection: Clockwise from top right: Freddy Krueger, Taylor Lautner, "Dexter," Mo'Nique, Kim Kardashian

Amy Winehouse made of pills
Michael Jackson made of pills

Wrestler, Triple H made of pickles, peppers, olives, onion, lunch meat, and cheeses

Taylor Swift made of candy, Good & Plenty

Spice Girls poster made of candy

Courtney Love made of pills

Jerry Seinfeld made of various dry cereal

Kristi Yamaguchi made of various fast food

Regis Philbin made of beans and corn

Condoleeza Rice made of rice

Pamela Anderson made of various candy

Roseann made of beans


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